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More About Me


  • I'm a mother of two boys

  • My partner is an AMAZING trauma therapist

  • I'm a clinical social worker licensed to practice in DC, MD & VA.

  • I'm an herbalist and trained birthworker with lactation certification

  • I'm an HBCU grad

  • I'm a Co-Founder

  • Somatic practices changed my life

You're here because you're ready for transformation!

MotherlandCo. is a therapeutic space dedicated to helping individuals heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. As a therapist, my own experience with postpartum depression and somatic practices has shaped my approach to helping others.

At MotherlandCo., I offer a range of therapy services that focus on radical healing and self-care, including working with racial trauma, stress management, and mindfulness. My clients have found that the combination of therapy and radical healing practices helps them to feel more empowered and connected to their inner selves.

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