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Herbal Consultations

MotherlandCo., LLC offers professional herbal consultations to empower you on your healing journey. Our holistic approach uses ancient herbal knowledge to help bring natural balance and wellness in your life.


Initial Herbal Intake (up to 60)

Our herbal intake service provides natural and holistic solutions for your physical and mental well-being. We offer a range of herbal supplements that are tailored to your individual needs, helping to restore balance and enhance your overall health. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will provide you with the best advice and guidance on the best herbal remedies for your specific needs.


Herbal Follow Up (up to 40 min)

Our herbal follow up service is designed to provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain the positive effects of your therapy. Our experienced herbalists will work with you to create a tailored plan which includes the use of natural herbs and supplements to keep you feeling your best. We are committed to providing high quality, personalized care to ensure you continue to experience the benefits of your therapy.

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